Please be advised by placing an order with JamTec U.S.A. LLC (JamTec) you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein. Please review the information below to find out more about our policies before placing an order.


All orders must be paid in full before shipping. Wholesale orders can be placed directly at via login and payment using credit card or paypal. The shipping process will begin once payment has been processed.


All sales are final with the exception of products that meet the criteria of our One Year JamTec U.S.A. LLC Limited Warranty as stated below.



JamTec is not able to extend credit terms to buyers at this time. Any applied purchase transaction fees are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


JamTec offers domestic and foreign priority shipping through the United States Post Office as our sole source for shipping. Drop shipments are also available.


All orders normally ship within 1-3 days of receiving verified payment. An additional 1-3 days for delivery is standard. Orders are insured up to $50.00 (included in shipping/handling charges). Customers may purchase additional insurance when placing an order to cover the possibility of in-transit damage. JamTec recommends purchasing additional insurance on orders valued at over $50.


JamTec assumes no responsibility for damage, loss or theft during shipping and will not issue a return, replacement or a refund without insured coverage. Shipments that show signs of damage should be refused upon delivery. Additionally, if you accept delivery of an order and find signs of damage to product has occurred during shipping contact JamTec immediately so we may follow up with the carrier.


Please retain all packaging material and paperwork for your order if shipping damage to product has occurred. If you dispose of packaging material and paperwork or attempt to return the merchandise without contacting JamTec it could jeopardize our efforts to file a claim, and you may not receive credit for the return.



If for any reason there is an error with the contents of your order contact JamTec USA within 5 business days of received shipment.





JamTec U.S.A. LLC (Jamtec) products are free of material and workmanship defects and warrantied for a period of One (1) year from the original date of purchase.


JamTec will replace any defective components or products free of charge with comparable or functionally equivalent parts to the original purchaser upon delivery of the product to an authorized JamTec dealer or by contacting JamTec directly. Said defective component/s will become the property of JamTec. Proof of purchase and status as the original purchaser are required for warranty coverage. The complete warranty policy is stated at our website


  • This warranty does not cover:
  • Normal or excessive wear and tear.
  • Any modifications or alterations made to original equipment or factory parts.
  • Damage caused by neglect.
  • Mishandling or use under other than what may be considered normal playing conditions.
  • Any owner other than the original purchaser.
  •  Incidental or consequential damages that arises as the result of a JamTec product defect.


Warranty claims should be addressed to an authorized JamTec dealer or by direct communication with JamTec, along with the original sales receipt. In the event that a dealer is unable to correct a warranty defect, the dealer will contact JamTec for further instructions as to the return of said product to the factory for inspection and repair or replacement. Upon repair or replacement a new warranty will not be applied. Rather, the previous warranty will be in effect. Any and all shipping charges will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


This warranty gives the original owner of JamTec products specific legal rights. He or she may also have other rights that vary by state, country or province. These provisions and limited warranty are covered by the laws where the original purchase took place. JamTec, the warrantor under this limited warranty, recognizes that this agreement is enforceable only to the extent and in a manner permitted under applicable laws.


Terms and conditions of this limited warranty are subject to change without notice. All products warranted under this specific coverage will be honored.









JamTec USA LLC encourages and welcomes working drummers of all skill levels who are already using our products or intend on using our products exclusively. We have two types of endorsers at JamTec USA LLC. These are ‘Artists’ and ‘Ambassadors’.


JamTec USA "Artist"

Artists are those who are regular performers in a full time ongoing professional band or orchestra, ideally a national touring act with a considerable degree of name recognition, professionally recorded and heard on the radio, internet and/or in professionally produced music videos receiving regular airplay. Professional in-demand well known studio musicians may also be considered Artists too.


JamTec USA LLC "Ambassador"

Ambassadors are those musicians that have an interest or need for our products and use them regularly whether you work in a band or orchestra as a volunteer or on a paid basis and do not meet the above requirements for Artist status.


Policies and Expectations

Drummers who wish to represent JamTec U.S.A. LLC must understand and agree with the following  statements before contacting us for official endorsement consideration.


Drummers must initially purchase products before being considered for inclusion with Jamtec USA LLC in the role of Artist or Ambassador endorser. At this time we are unable to provide complimentary products to potential endorsers.


Endorsers as an Representatives of JamTec USA LLC

As a representative for our product line it is essential that your public presence on-line through social media and your reputation in general  are in good standing and above reproach. JamTec will make every available effort to research you and your background before being considered to represent our company. We will not tolerate any public displays of intolerance or exclusion based on race, politics, sexism etc. in general. JamTec U.S.A. LLC retains the sole right in determining what we deem inappropriate and out of line with our core values of fariness, decency and respect.  Any violations of these rules will result in immediate termination of our working relationship. Any Illegal activity of any kind will result in immediate termination regardless of the activities occurring before or after the start date of our agreement. Your character must be in good standing among your peers and in the public eye and your professionalism must be upstanding, maintained and ongoing. If JamTec USA becomes aware of any negative opinions, substantiated or not we will terminate immediately. JamTec U.S.A. LLC retains full right to termination without explanation.


JamTec encourages our endorsers to use social media to post positive feedback about our products, through the use of  photos, video and written statements as testimonials and in product demos. We may ask you to appear in our own advertising or you may volunteer for this promotional activity of our products and company. No monetary compensation is paid for product endorsements. Inclusion in JamTec promotions and advertising will benefit endorsers by increasing their visibility and personal branding.  As stated above we are unable to provide our endorsers with free products, however we are able to offer discounts on products as our relationships develop.


Upon request potential  endorsers must provide a professional resume and multiple references to substantiate endorsers character, professionalism and relevant industry work/school history in order to be considered. In order to present our endorsers professionally in our web and print materials, interested artists should be prepared to submit a digital press kit with photos and a short bio combined with credits and accomplishments. JamTec USA will strive to promote our endorsers careers whenever possible.




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